Top Reasons Why Sewer Line Repairing In Akron Is a Good Practice For Homeowners

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Trenchless Sewer Repair

Timely sewer line repairing in Akron can save homeowners money in the long run. Without an effective sewer system, your plumbing basically shuts down. It is impossible to accomplish normal daily tasks without a working set of pipes in your home.

What Causes Sewer Line Problems

Sewer Pipe ReliningA clog from buildup in your sewer line is the most common reason you need to a plumber to come out. Over time, grease, soap scum, food particles and other debris collects in your sewer line. You will notice that the plumbing is slow running and eventually it will cause a complete clog.

But the problem can also be due to tree roots growing into the pipe. These roots seek out water, like all plants. And a constantly replenishing sewer line is perfect for their needs. Roots grow into the pipes at joints. Or if the pipes are older, the roots might also rupture the pipe itself. Gradually a small root grows and grows, completely blocking the line.

With these problems, you will first notice that the drains are running slowly. Then you might see water all over your basement floor or your toilet backing up. At that point, you have no choice, you must call a plumber for sewer line repairing in Akron.

Do Sewer Line Repairing Early

It is quicker, cheaper and less troublesome if you can get your sewer line checked and cleared out before a clog forms. When you first notice slow running drains that keep returning, consider having a plumber use video inspection tools to see if the problem is in your sewer line.

He will use a tiny camera with a location finder on it and send it through your pipe system. Both of you can watch its progress on a monitor. If the video spots a clog, the plumber knows exactly where it is and what the cause is.

He might suggest hydro jetting to clear out the clog, even tree roots, quickly. The scalding water actually scours the sides of the inside of the pipe. This does a thorough job getting rid of buildup.

Types of Sewer Line Repairing Available

If you already have damage to your sewer pipe in Akron, repairing it is more involved. The conventional method is digging it up and replacing sections. The biggest problem with this method is the mess it causes in the yard. It can be very expensive to restore the landscaping when the plumbing work is done.

But a newer method is far less invasive and more cost-effective over time. Called trenchless sewer repair, it uses two methods, pipe lining or pipe bursting. Both require that just one or two holes are dug in your yard.

This newer form of sewer line repairing in Akron means you don’t have to worry about reseeding your lawn and planting new flowers and shrubs. This can save you significant amounts of money.

For a free, no-obligation quote, call the experts today about sewer line repairing in Akron.

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