How Lorain Sewer Repair Protects Your Pipes

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Protect Sewer PipesIn the same manner that homeowners protect their houses from fires and other natural disasters; they should think about protecting their pipes. This year alone, Over 650 water mains will break in the United States alone, amounting to over 7 billion gallons of wasted water. All of this water wrecks havoc on a home owner of business owners property. It ends up costing a pretty penny, too.

The problem is that most homeowners are unaware of where water problems come from, and don’t understand that they are obligated to maintain the quality of the sewer line that their house or business relies on. In many situations, homeowners insurance policies only cover restoration costs, not actual repair costs after disaster strikes.

Because of this, there are several reasons that you should consider how Lorain sewer repair could protects your pipes:

If your pipes are older, your home is at a greater risk of sewer or pipe bursting problem

The majority of pipes in the nation were installed shortly after World War II. In a report filed by the National Association of water company in the United States, over half of the pipes in the United States are going to need to be repaired within the next 10 to 15 years. Additionally the Environmental Protection Agency suggest only using a water main for about forty seven years before fixing them due to contaminants that build up over time. When you establish the age of your home, you should also establish the age of your pipes. that way you know if you need to get them checked out, potentially repairing them.

If you have trees on your property, we could protect your pipes from roots and root systems

Trees are invasive. They often disrupt service lines, following recent work because the soil is loose. often, Roots also seek out pipes because they provide water, nutrients, and oxygen. However, when tree roots dig into pipes, they clog and block water lines or burst holes through pipelines, leading to serious repair problems that can be avoided with pipe maintenance.

Is your soil primarily clay-based?

In Lorain, the soil quality is pretty poor. We have high chloride content that causes hard water scaling on the pipes that leads to damages over time. While sandy soils are the best for pipes, clay based pipes retain more water and lead to corrosion that damages and attacks your pipes (often as soon as you put them in the ground). Even then, you probably wouldn’t notice the damage until it was too late and a pipe had already broken.

There’s a good chance that you’ve been ignoring the signs that you may have a water issue. Even simple cooking and cleaning can lead to grease and food and your food disposals that essentially leads to clogs and backed up water and sediment in your sewer lines. If you notice your waterline stammering, your sewer line is probably clogged. Additional slow draining sinks, tubs or toilets also point to these issues- which can lead to costly repairs and less wasted water over time.

If you aren’t sure what your pipes are made from, what quality they’re in, or whether they’ve been serviced in the last decade, give us a call to get a quote on how much it will cost you to fix or protect your pipes in Lorain. Our sewer repair will protect your pipes and cut down on your costs for years to come.

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