Help! Is This Plumber Trying To Get Me To Pay For Unnecessary Sewer Repairs?

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trenchless sewer repairAs far too many people can attest, there are some less than reputable mechanics out there who will charge unsuspecting car owners for repairs they don’t really need. It’s crooks like this that have made many consumers understandably nervous about expensive repair jobs. And because people don’t usually have much working knowledge of their own sewer lines, they often wonder whether their plumber is taking them for a ride.

Any highly-reviewed plumber has been called by a frantic homeowner desperate for a second opinion. These homeowners or building owners usually have similar concerns. They’re wondering, if my sewer video inspection turned up broken sewer lines and pipes, do I really need to pay for costly sewer repairs? Do I really need to pay for sewer line replacements?

Although no one likes to be the bearer of bad news, the answer is almost always the same. Yes, you really do need to replace your sewer lines.

A Plumber Tells You It’s Time To Replace Your Sewer Lines, Now What? Can You Put Off Sewer Repair?

Many people wrongly assume that their homeowners insurance will cover sewer repairs, or that their lateral lines are the city’s responsibility. Unfortunately, neither is true. So when a sewer camera inspection turns up major damage, homeowners have little choice but to pay for sewer line replacement, and fast.

And while most trenchless sewer repair experts are honest workers, that’s not always the case. If you’re worried you’re being pressured into paying for unnecessary sewer repairs you don’t actually need, there’s a simple way to put your mind at ease. They key word in sewer video inspection? Video.

Ask to see or even keep a copy of your inspection; that way, you can get a second opinion. Like we said, it’s rare that another plumber will tell you something different, but if you are dealing with a shady company, just asking for the tape might suddenly cause them to reconsider that estimate.

Now comes the hard part, the actual sewer line replacement. There’s good news and bad news…

The Good News About Trenchless Sewer Repair…

Trenchless sewer repair, drain lining, and other forms of “no dig” plumbing have been around for 10 to 15 years. Even so, 78% of Angie’s List members had never heard of this technique. This plumbing method allows trenchless pipe repair experts to replace sewer and drain lines without digging an access trench.

Compared to older sewer repairs, trenchless sewer repair lets you keep 90% of your yard, driveways, decks, and landscaping intact. So while trenchless methods cost more, they often end up saving you money in restorative work. There’s also a chance that only a section of your drains or sewer lines will need to be replaced, saving you from the costs of a full replacement.

Ultimately, you can’t put off sewer repair, no matter how much you’d like to.

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