The Basics of Drain Lining & Drain Repair with Trenchless Repair Methods in Canton Area

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Drain Lining Services

Trenchless repair methods in Canton area are the most cost-effective methods of dealing with major sewer line problems. This technology has been around for over 15 years, but not many homeowners know about it. Plumbers often recommend it because it leaves the yard in good shape, unlike traditional methods.

Traditional Methods

Drain Lining ServiceConventional drain repair involves digging holes, or trenches, throughout the yard. The plumber needs to do this to locate the sewer pipe, then to find the exact spot where the problem is happening. He needs to physically check the old pipe to accurately find out the cause of the problem.

The major drawback with this system is the cost of restoring the yard to its previous condition. The flowers, shrubs and lawn must be replanted. If the plumber had to cut through a patio, walkway or other structure, that needs to be repaired.

The Trenchless Difference

Just like the name says, trenchless technology does not require numerous holes in your yard. In fact, just one or two holes are usually all it takes.

Beside reducing long-term costs, the trenchless repair methods in Canton area can be done more quickly. In most cases, the work can be done in just days, not weeks like traditional methods.

The plumber uses video camera inspection to tell him exactly where the problem is and what caused it, whether it is a clog, a tree root or a broken pipe. That means he has all the information he needs for repair before he starts the actual work on the pipe system.

Pipe Lining

The first trenchless method is called pipe lining or cured-in-place pipe. The plumber sends a flexible tube through the old pipe, either by blowing it in or pulling it through. It is then inflated. This tube has been covered in resin, which hardens in a few hours. The result is a new pipe within a pipe.

The new pipe is strong, long lasting and up to all industry standards. It dependably provides years of constant use. This method usually needs just one hole dug.

Pipe Bursting

With pipe bursting, the plumber pulls a new pipe through the old pipe. As the same time this is happening, the old pipe is fragmented and destroyed, leaving the new pipe in its place.

This technique requires two holes dug, one on either side of the pipe. It is used when the old pipe is caved in or seriously damaged.

Saving Money and Time

When you choose trenchless repair methods in Canton area, you save money in the long term because you don’t have to worry about your landscaping. In addition, some localities require that the homeowner pay for digging up the city street to work on pipes at the main sewer line. This also includes the cost of redirecting traffic and any damage to city property. The money adds up quickly. But with trenchless repair, you don’t’ have to worry about these expenses.

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