Pros & Cons of Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement

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While a full evaluation needs to be made before confirming use of the trenchless method, we typically recommend trenchless sewer line replacement in the following scenarios:

  • The existing sewer line is very deep
  • The existing sewer line is very long
  • The existing sewer line runs beneath a driveway, patio or landscaping that would be very expensive to replace
  • The damaged part of the sewer line runs beneath the street outside your home or business

Considerable Pros of Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement


Less Expensive

Because there is less digging, the process is usually more cost effective. With traditional methods, anywhere the sewer line runs must be dug up – even if it requires ruining your driveway, sidewalk, landscaping or deck. With trenchless, only one or two small access points need to be dug.

Using the trenchless method, Invisible Excavations has saved several family’s landscaping, driveways, decks, expensive indoor flooring and most of all money.

More Durable

Trenchless repairs and replacements have a 50 year guarantee. During the next 50 years, your sewer line will be resistant to corrosion, root intrusion and much more, so water and waste can continue to flow freely.

Using the trenchless method, Invisible Excavations has provided several families and small business with peace-of-mind, ensuring them they won’t have to worry about more large repairs for many years to come.

More Efficient

Trenchless replacements will only leave your family or small business without a working plumbing system for a few hours. Traditional methods could leave you without working plumbing for a few days.

Limited Cons of Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement



Trenchless sewer line replacement may not be possible in all scenarios. We must first carefully inspect the existing pipe, the earth surrounding it, the distance from electrical and gas lines and much more. We may find that it’s too late to rehabilitate the existing pipe with trenchless technology. It could be so broken or corroded that the only option for even the most knowledgeable and experienced plumbers is to dig a trench and replace the pipes.


It is imperative that you hire a company with trenchless sewer line replacement experience. Pipe bursting and directional drilling – two replacement methods – can be complex jobs, and should only be performed by certified technicians.

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