What is a Video Sewer Line Inspection?

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Think you have a sewer or plumbing problem? Not sure who to call or how to fix it?

A sewer video inspection can answer those questions for you and set your mind at ease.

As plumbing technology has evolved, technicians no longer have to guess where a plumbing problem might be. They can locate it and determine the best way to fix it through sewer video camera inspections.

An inspection of this nature involves a flexible rod with a video camera on its tip. The plumbing technician feeds the flexible rod through the main sewer line, and possibly a few branch lines (pipes that lead from tubs, showers or sinks to the main sewer pipe). The video can be watched in real time on a small screen, so the plumber can show you the problem and discuss possible solutions with you.

When should you schedule a sewer video camera inspection?

There are three main occasions when you should consider scheduling a video inspection.

  • Experiencing Plumbing Issues – Inspect the sewer line to uncover the cause of a backup, slow drain or foul odor
  • Buying or Selling a Home – Inspect the sewer line to ensure it’s not going to result in near future high-cost repairs
  • Planning a Kitchen or Bathroom Remodel – Inspect the sewer line to ensure it can handle the increased waste water

Why hire Invisible Excavations instead of conducting your own plumbing camera inspection?

It is possible to rent your own equipment and conduct your own plumbing camera inspection. However, you might find hiring professionals to be more cost effective.

Most of the homeowner sewer cameras are far shorter than professional ones, so you can only inspect the first few feet of the pipe instead of the whole line. In addition, homeowner or rental sewer cameras may not have the same auto-focusing, high-resolution, light or recording technology that professional cameras do.

Professional equipment also has transmitters which help plumbing technicians locate exactly where a problem is within the pipe, limiting the amount of damage that may ultimately occur to your home or lawn when conducting repairs.

How far can sewer video cameras travel?

Professional sewer video cameras can travel all the way from the trap in your home or small business to the septic tank or municipal sewer line – about 330 feet. However, if there are any obstructions such as food waste or root infestations, the camera may not be able to make it all the way through.

What can you see in a sewer video inspection?

The video camera can capture any number of problems on a recording including:

  • Cracks, breaks or leaks
  • Collapsed or bellied portions of pipe
  • Root infestations
  • Buildup from grease and other food waste
  • Obstructions such as eggshells or paper

Schedule Your Inspection Today

If you have more questions about sewer line inspections or would like to learn more about how one might help in your scenario, call 216-749-3478 to schedule a consultation with certified plumbing technician.

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