FAQ: When and Why You Need a Sewer Video Inspection

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sewer inspectionChances are, you take your home’s sewer and drain pipes for granted. So long as they do what they’re supposed to, most people never spare them a second thought. And that could be a huge mistake.

Take it from the plumbing professionals that provide the sewer repair Cleveland homeowners rely on during emergencies — sewer problems are never, ever a pleasant experience. Best case scenario, you have to clear a nasty clog. Worst case scenario, raw sewage starts backing up into your home, requiring you to pay for complete sewer line replacement.

Unfortunately, many people don’t even know when they need to schedule a sewer video inspection in the first place. So to avoid expensive problems down the line (yes, that’s a plumbing pun), consult this list of frequently asked questions about sewer repair.

FAQ: a Homeowner’s Guide To Sewer Inspections

When do I need drain or sewer inspection?
Most plumbing repair experts advise you to schedule an immediate inspection if your home is more than 40 years old. That’s because older homes usually depend on aging clay-fired pipes vulnerable to root intrusion. But even newer homes may be connected to an older sewer line. Whenever moving into a new home, always pay for a sewer inspection!

Additionally, if you don’t know when your home received its last inspection, it’s often worth the money to hire professionals to examine your pipes. This will allow you to diagnose and avoid problems, as well as budget for future plumbing repairs.

How much does a sewer video inspection usually cost?
Plumbing inspections usually cost between $250 and $350. If you’re nervous about shady contractors, ask to see a copy of the video yourself.

When will I have to replace my sewer lines?
Most sewer lines last for 40 years, although sometimes less if they’re damaged by roots, heavy use, or other common problems. According to a recent Angie’s List poll, almost one in four members said they had replaced their sewer lines, and another 3% said it was a home improvement project in their imminent future.

Does my homeowners insurance cover sewer repair/replacement?
Unfortunately, your homeowners insurance probably doesn’t cover sewer repairs. Even though a sewer backup or leak can occur overnight, it’s usually the result of natural wear and tear that took decades to occur, and thus is not covered under most policies. Some insurance companies do provide coverage for sewer and plumbing repair, but most don’t!

That’s why it’s always important to book a camera drain inspection BEFORE your sewer lines break down altogether.

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