Water Line Repair, Replacement & Installation

Residential & Commercial Services

The water lines that connect your home or small business plumbing to the public water supply can be hard to monitor considering they’re underground and not easily accessible. There are; however, signs you can be on the lookout for to identify a possible water line leak. These include:

  • Monitoring water usage. If it suddenly spikes or gradually increases over time without any additions to your family, you may have a leak.

  • Checking your yard for large puddles. If you have a large leak, it could be coming up through your yard.


Water Line Leak Repair

As soon as you suspect a water leak, you should have it repaired to avoid larger, more costly problems. Our team can help you identify where the leak is and the best option for main water line repair.

Water Line Replacement & Installation

The hours and cost required to replace or install a new water line depend on a number of factors. We invite you to call and schedule an appointment with our team to discuss these factors including those listed below.

Access to the Water Line
Are there any obstructions that will make it difficult to reach the existing water main? Similarly, if you’re interested in an installation are there any obstructions, such as trees, that will need to be removed in order to make room for the water line?

Depth of the Water Line
How much dirt (and possibly concrete) needs to be removed to reach the existing water main? Or, how deep does a new hole need to be dug to install a new water main?

Type of Pipe
Will the installation require PVC pipe, or do you live in an area where copper pipes would be more appropriate?

To avoid future problems – related to both money and your safety – it is important to replace or install a new water line right the first time. We hope you’ll recognize our commitment to quality when we meet for your free in-home or small business estimate. Call 216-749-3478.