Trenchless Sewer Pipe Replacement: The Pipe Bursting Method

Your home’s sewer pipes should last for 40 years, but unfortunately many homes in the Cleveland area were built with clay pipes that easily wear and eventually break. Because homeowners and many small businesses are responsible for repairing the sewer lines leading away from their homes and offices, many people find themselves suddenly dealing with a nasty sewer emergency.

A burst or damaged main sewer line does not have to lead to a distressed wallet and high stress levels. You can limit the inconvenience by making a more informed decision about how to handle the problem: go trenchless.

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How does trenchless sewer pipe replacement work?

trenchless pipe replacement

  1. We inspect your main sewer line with a camera to identify repair or replacement needs.
  2. If main sewer line replacement is necessary, we do a thorough examination of the site to establish appropriate conditions for trenchless pipe bursting.
  3. Two small holes – about three feet wide – are dug at either end of the main sewer line being replaced.
  4. A new pipe is inserted in place of the old pipe using pipe-bursting technology. As a bursting head is pulled through the old sewer line breaking up the old pipe, a new HDPE pipe is pulled behind to fill its place.


What are the advantages of trenchless pipe bursting over traditional main sewer line replacement methods?


  1. Trenchless is More Affordable. Even though trenchless pipe bursting is more advanced than traditional methods, it is still less expensive for two main reasons:
    • Pipe bursting takes less time, so you save money on man hours; and
    • Pipe bursting only requires two small access points, so you can avoid extra costs to repair damaged landscaping, porches, decks, or driveways that typically accompany traditional sewer replacement methods.
  2. Trenchless is Fast. With the trenchless method, you avoid weeks of excavation equipment in your yard, piles of dirt around your home and additional time spent fixing the damage to your property.
  3. Trenchless Provides Peace of Mind. Unlike older pipes, your new HDPE pipe is seamless. This eliminates future problems by making it harder for roots to penetrate.


What’s the difference between trenchless pipe bursting and trenchless pipe relining?

Both techniques repair your damaged sewer lines without the need for costly excavations. While they accomplish the same goal, they require very different operations and equipment.

Pipe Bursting: Underground replacement of your pipe.

Pipe Relining: Underground relining of your existing pipe.

Whether relining or pipe bursting is better for your situation depends on several details, including:

  • The depth of your pipe
  • The extent of the damage to your pipe
  • Where is the pipe located beneath your home or office and the remainder of your property

Because the final cost and safety of the best trenchless method for you depends on such unique circumstances, the first thing you should do when you’ve uncovered a problem is contact a plumbing professional who offers BOTH services.

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