Residential Drain Cleaning

Invisible Excavations handles all drainage problems – big and small. Instead of letting a clogged drain in your home cause you hours of frustrating troubleshooting, let us clean it for you.

We provide residential drain cleaning services for just about every part of your home.

Kitchen Drains

With all the things going down your kitchen drain – grease, fats, egg shells, citrus peels, vegetable scraps, unwanted leftovers – it’s no wonder kitchen drains become clogged over time. If your kitchen sink is draining slowly or not at all, even after you’ve run the garbage disposal, you may have a clog somewhere along the line. A quick draining is most likely all you’ll need to solve the problem.

Bathroom Drains

Bathroom drains can be a challenge as well. Sink, shower and tub drains are constantly battling hair, toothpaste and soap scum buildup. If you’re starting to become frustrated by slow draining bathrooms, schedule a cleaning to restore proper flow.

Basement, Garage and Other Floor Drains

Floor drains typically contain traps kept filled with water to prevent sewer gases, or strong odors, from escaping into your home. Because they’re on the floor, these types of drains and traps can easily become clogged with dirt, dust and other debris. If you’re experiencing a foul smell or notice even a small amount of water coming from the drain, consider scheduling a drain cleaning.

Exterior Drains

Your home may be outfitted with downspout drains to help direct water from your gutters away from your home. These downspouts are sometimes connected to municipal storm sewer systems. The pipes in this system may become clogged with leaves and other natural debris, and unfortunately if it’s on your property it’s your problem, not the city’s. If you notice water in your basement or large puddles in your yard, you could have an exterior drainage issue. Start by scheduling a cleaning or a video pipe inspection to uncover the problem.

Drain & Sewer Line Rooter Services

In many cases, your drains may be backed up because roots have worked their way into your main sewer line and are starting to trap waste. With roots and other debris in the way, waste water cannot flow evenly throughout the pipe. Our hydro jetting, or drain and sewer line cleaning service, can also remove these unwanted roots.

Schedule Regular Home Drain Cleaning Service

Once your drain is free and clear, your technician will provide you with recommendations for future maintenance and tips on how to keep your drains flowing smoothly. If it’s something you’d rather not have to worry about, just mark your calendar to give us a call every 8-12 months.