Extremely happy with all the work Invisible Excavation did for me. They performed the entire scope of work in a timely manner and did an outstanding job. They were able to diagnose and solve a problem that many others overlooked. I highly recommend Invisible Excavation – timely, professional, and economical, everything you want in a contractor/company.
– Christy

I am VERY HAPPY with the work Invisible Excavation has done! If you want someone to get the job done right the first time and never have to worry about it, these are the guys. Look no further. Going with anyone else will literally be like flushing money down the toilet. All of us that have had sewer line trouble know that that is way too easy to do if you pick the wrong folks. These guys are the RIGHT ones. And they are certified by the city of New Philadelphia as well as state certified.

Awesome work and workers cleaned up everything very neatly……would highly recommend to a friend!
– Bridget

Brain and his crew were very polite. They very knowledgeable and helpful. They diagnosed the sewer problem the first time and created a plan to affectively solve the problem, while remaining within my budget. I would highly recommend this company.
– Howie

I am writing this letter to commend Invisible Excavations on the superior work and customer service they provided.

Our original intent was to have 2 liners installed in our home. However, once the crew discovered that pipes were broken or cracked and that one of the liners was no longer possible, they had to replace the pipes. This involved jack-hammering the floor, digging trenches, removing dirt and installing new PVC pipe. Then, filling in the trenches with slag and cementing over the trench. The crew worked tirelessly taking out bucket after bucket of dirt and bringing in bucket after bucket of slag (several thousand pounds).


An original 2-3 day job turned into 6-7 days because the job turned out to be much more complicated and there was much more extra work they had to do. Throughout the whole process, they communicated what they needed to do and then exactly what they were doing. They never stood around or goofed off or complained.


The clean-up of the mess was also handled very professionally. With the amount of dirt and slag coming in and out, they tried to keep up with the sweeping and power-washing. When the job was complete, [they] returned on Monday to clean up all the areas where they worked.


It was also a pleasure to work with [them] as far as itemizing the work and invoicing the job. From start to finish, this company and crew were exceptional.