Why Drain Camera Inspection is so Important for Drain Cleaning?

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When it comes to drain lines, most homeowners and commercial property owners never give them any thought. But in order to keep drain lines working smoothly, they need a proper cleaning every few years. A sure sign that your drain line needs cleaning is low flow. Drain lines that begin to slow down are in serious need of help. There are many different ways to clean drain lines, but one of the most effective includes the use of a sewer camera. Below we are going to learn more about sewer & drain camera inspections, and why they are so important for the cleaning process.

Why is Drain Camera Inspection so Important for Drain Cleaning?

As stated above, we are going to learn why a drain camera inspection can aid in the drain cleaning process. If you are thinking of having your drains cleaned soon, you just might want to pay close attention to what comes next.

• Pre-inspection can find any sewer issues: Before a sewer cleaning, a drain camera inspection can be conducted. During this inspection, all major issues will be located and noted by the technician. This information will be written down and used during the cleaning process. Knowing where all the issues are before the cleaning process will help the technician be more efficient.
• During the cleaning process: The sewer & drain cleaning process will often involve a water jet. This powerful tool will be able to blast away roots and other clogs that are slowing down your drain’s flow. Along with the jet, the inspection camera can be sent down the line so that all progress is recorded and monitored. This will give technicians a bird’s eye view of your drain line and help them to remove all issues. In the past, many small blockages were left behind simply because technicians could not see what was going on during the cleaning process. Leaving even a small blockage behind can be the start of major flow issues.
• After the cleaning process: Once the cleaning process has been completed, a second drain camera inspection can be conducted. This will ensure that all blockages have been removed and all leaks have been properly sealed. Having this second inspection will give you peace of mind knowing that your drain line will be in great working order. If any leaks or additional blockages are found, they can be quickly resolved. This will help your drains work properly for many years to come so that you don’t have to worry about them.

Remember to Have a Yearly Inspection

Once your drain lines have been inspected and cleaned, you are good to go for at least one year. While you may not experience any issues for decades, having a yearly camera drain inspection is a good idea. This will help catch small issues before they become a major problem. Not only will this save you lots of money but time as well. So if you own a property, why not keep everything in great working order with a yearly video camera inspection? You will thank yourself if you do.

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