Drain & Sewer Line Cleaning Near Cleveland, OH

One of the best ways to avoid costly drain or sewer line repairs – or worse, a messy backup – is by periodically scheduling a drain and sewer line cleaning. This is especially true for new homeowners and those with older homes most likely built with clay pipes.

Clean drains leading to clean sewer lines free of roots, waste, food and hair – which all tend to build up over the years – allow water to flow more efficiently. If the build up is not removed from your pipes, more problems are likely to occur and you may find yourself replacing your sewer line sooner than anticipated.

Residential & Commercial Services

Invisible Excavations offers drain & sewer pipe cleaning for both residential and commercial properties.

We clean your sewer lines using a method called hydro jetting, which shoots high-pressure water through your pipes. All build up and debris are washed out due to the high pressure. Hydro jet drain & pipe cleaning is one of the most effective ways to thoroughly remove roots, food waste, grease buildup and more.

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The sewer pipe running from your home or small business to a municipal sewer line or septic tank is the most important pipe that needs to function properly. Any form of blockage in this line from tree roots and breaks to egg shells and grease, can cause a terribly messy backup. Stay proactive; avoid the mess by scheduling regular cleanings.

We offer the most affordable and professional drain and pipe cleaning services in the area. For a free consultation, fill out our online form or call us at 216-749-3478.