Directional Drilling Cleveland

DirectionalDrillingDirectional drilling is a unique way to install new pipe systems. When you have a home being built or start a new business you will need a complete pipe system to be laid. Your sewer lines have to connect to the home, through the yard, and into the main sewer system for the city. Sometimes this can be a costly and time consuming prospect, especially if the plumber is digging trenches to lay the pipe.

Directional drilling might be the answer. This is a complex process that involves drilling a hole and using a borer to bore that hole into a suitable conduit for a pipe. Once the hole is about 25 percent wider than the pipe to be used, the pipe is threaded through the hole and installed. Once that is completed small access points may need to be made at the drill sites to make connections.

Directional drilling is a great way to install new sewer pipe. It is much less invasive and less labor intensive because it does not require any actual excavation. It is also a good choice if you already have street, pavement, landscaping or driveways installed. Installation of the sewer line does not have to disrupt what is already on the property. With directional drilling all of these obstructions are left alone while the pipe is quietly and invisibly laid.

Most companies do not offer directional drilling. It is a complex process that only the best trained professionals can perform. We pride ourselves on choosing the most experienced technicians. We then train them in our unique methods and certify them in directional drilling and other pipe repair and replacement methods.

Our technicians are not only experienced, trained and certified, they are also insured and safe for you and your family. We do background checks and drug screening on all of our technicians so that you know you are getting the best quality work from technicians you can trust.

Call us today for your free, no obligation assessment and estimate. We will be happy to come to your home or business site and determine if directional drilling is a good option for laying your sewer pipe. We don’t just jump to the most expensive solution. We will take the time to make sure we are giving you the right service at the right price.

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